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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the HMAS Sydney II Found by the Finding Sydney Foundation?

Sunday 16th of March 2008

When was the HSK Kormoran Found by the Finding Sydney Foundation?

Wednesday 12th of March 2008

Where is the wreck of the HMAS Sydney II located?

26° 14’ 37” S 111° 13’ 03” E, approximately 207km (128 miles) from the west coast (Steep Point) of Western Australia, at a depth of approximately 2,468 metres.

Where is the wreck of the HSK Kormoran located?

26° 05' 49.4" S 111° 04' 27.5" E
, approximately 207km (128 miles) from the west coast (Steep Point) of Western Australia, at a depth of approximately 2,560 metres.

Why was the Finding Sydney Foundation selected as financial beneficiary of the grant to find the HMAS Sydney II?

The Finding Sydney Foundation (FSF) is a not for profit group which was established as a foundation to raise funds with the sole intention of locating the wreck of Sydney and honouring those lost in her. Their alliance with the highly successful ship wreck investigator Mr David Mearns has seen them emerge as a group with the wherewithal necessary to mount a search operation.

What role does the Navy take in the search for Sydney?

During the search the Royal Australian Navy is represented by Lieutenant John Perryman, who will be present on board as an observer and advisor on historical aspects of the action.

Up to and throughout the search, Navy will continue its close engagement and support through the Sea Power Centre-Australia, which monitors the progress of the Foundation and advises Navy Headquarters of its progress. Supplementary weather support is also being provided to the search vessel by the Royal Australian Navy’s meteorological section based in Fleet Headquarters in Sydney.

Who  manages the wreck sites?

The wreck sites are managed by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) in accordance with the Historic Shipwreck Act 1976 (the Act).

What protection does the Historic Shipwreck Act 1976 offer?

A wreck that is declared an historic shipwreck under the Act is granted legal protection. This means the wreck itself, any human remains, and its relics are protected from damage, disturbance or removal.

In addition, to further protect the site the Act allows the Minister to declare a protected zone of up to 200 hectares. It is an offence to engage in any underwater activity within the protected zone. The penalty for breaching the Act is a fine of up to $10,000 or imprisonment for a period of up to five years.

Will the search team be taking any artefacts from the HMAS Sydney II?

The Royal Australian Navy is the recognized legal owner of the wreck of HMAS Sydney. It is not planned at this stage to remove any artefacts from the wreck of HMAS Sydney II or HSK Kormoran. If removal of artefacts is considered, the appropriate approvals would need to be sought from the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA)


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