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3rd March 2008 Report

On the 29th February 2008 the vessel "SV Geosounder" set sail from Geraldton, Western Australia to find the resting place of the World War II cruiser HMAS Sydney II, tragically lost in November 1941 in the Indian Ocean with its entire crew of 645.

The Geosounder has been chartered by the Foundation from DOF Subsea Aust Pty Ltd and is fitted with a survey positioning system and a deep tow side scan sonar system, which the Foundation has contracted from Williamson and Associates Inc of Seattle USA.

Geosounder also carries a 3000 metre rated Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) which could be mobilised to inspect wreakage in water depths up to 3000 metres.

Above: The vessel "Geosounder" chartered by the Finding Sydney Foundation
Source: Geraldton Guardian

The search wll be conducted over an area of approximately 1800 square nautical miles, in water depths ranging from 2000 metres to 4000 metres and approximately 130 nautical miles offshore Western Australia.

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