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October 2008 - Posts

  • Remembrance Day Service for HMAS Sydney II, Fremantle Western Australia

    Port Pays Homage to HMAS Sydney on Remembrance Day

    World War II veteran Ean McDonald from Gooseberry Hill, who served on the HMAS Sydney II, will be among hundreds of people attending a moving Remembrance Day Service at Fremantle’s St Patrick’s Basilica starting at 5pm, to commemorate the crew of the ill fated navy ship.  

    The 11th of November 2008 will be the 67th anniversary of the ship’s final departure from Fremantle (on November 11), 1941 from which is never returned.

    For further information click here.

    Media Contacts:

    Kerry Faulkner
    City of Fremantle Media Officer
    + 61 8 9432 9827 or or 041059 4072
  • The Search for the HMAS Sydney II Report Available for Download

    The Finding Sydney Foundation is pleased to advise that the report on the Search for HMAS Sydney II can be downloaded from its official website
    The report contains a précis of the Foundation, search records including research and supporting wind and current leeway analyses, offshore records from deep tow sidescan sonar, all equipment and personnel, and search results.
    Please find a contents listing below with links to downloadable archives, in PDF format.  Free Adobe Acrobat Reader available here.
    Media Contact:

    Ted Graham
    The Finding Sydney Foundation

    VOLUME 1
    Final Report

    VOLUME 2
    Appendices A & B

    Appendix A  Leeway Analyses
     Appendix A1 Len van Burgel Report
     Appendix A2 CSIRO Report by Dr David Griffin
    Appendix B  Offshore Search Logs
     Appendix B1 DoEWH&A Historic Shipwrecks Act Permit
     Appendix B2 Offshore Search Diary
     Appendix B3 Daily Operations Search Reports
     Appendix B4 Survey Runline Logsheets
     Appendix B5 ROV Dive Logs
     Appendix B6 Search Directors Daily Log
     Appendix B7 Williamson & Associates Party Chief & Watch Lead Daily Log
     Appendix B8 ROV Supervisor Log
     Appendix B9 Survey Engineer Log
    VOLUME 3
    Appendices C to G

    Appendix C1 to C2 Side Scan Sonar Wreck & Debris Field Image
     Appendix C1 HMAS Sydney II Wreck & Debris Field
     Appendix C2 HSK Kormoran Wreck & Debris Field #1 & #2
    Appendix D1 to D2 Equipment Calibration
     Appendix D1 Gyrocompass Calibration Results
     Appendix D2 Veripos GcGPS Verification Results
    Appendix E1 to E4 Specifications
     Appendix E1 Survey Vessel Specifications
     Appendix E2 Equipment Integration Flow Chart
     Appendix E3 W&A Equipment Specifications
     Appendix E4 DOF Subsea ROV Specifications
    Appendix F1 to F2 Safety
     Appendix F1 DOF Subsea Management Plan
     Appendix F2 Safety Incident Reports
    Appendix G1 to G7 The Finding Sydney Website
     Appendix G1 HMAS Sydney II
     Appendix G2 Roll of Honour
     Appendix G3 Media Releases
     Appendix G4 The Foundation
     Appendix G5 The Management Team
     Appendix G6 Featured Sponsors
     Appendix G7 Credits


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