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  • Photographs and Videos HMAS Sydney II and HSK Kormoran - Finding Sydney Foundation Update

    We have been asked several questions by various people what our intentions are in relation to the still photographs and videos that were taken during the inspection of HMAS Sydney (II) and HSK Kormoran.

    We have summarised the questions and comments below for your information. 

    (1) How many (a) photographic images, and (b) minutes of video footage, were taken as part of the discovery and investigation into the wreck of the HMAS Sydney (II).

    (1) The Finding Sydney Foundation holds photographic images, and video footage taken as part of the discovery and investigation into the wreck of the HMAS Sydney (II).

    The material consists of:

    ROV Photographs

    HMAS Sydney (II) and surrounding debris field       1,139 photographs
    HSK Kormoran and surrounding debris field              241 photographs
    Discounted Battle Site (Geological Outcrops)             50 photographs

    ROV Video Footage

    HMAS Sydney (II) and surrounding debris field    39 hours,   1 minute and  30 seconds in duration, 469 Files
    Discounted Battle Site (Geological Outcrops)       3 hours, 45 minutes and 55 seconds in duration,  46 Files
    HSK Kormoran and surrounding debris field          7 hours  56 minutes and 33 seconds in duration,  95 Files

    Further technical information is provided at the bottom of this media release.

    (2) Will more photographic images be released to the public; if so, (a) how many, (b) when, and (c) will they be able to be used free of copyright restrictions; if not, why not.

    (2) The Finding Sydney Foundation is following a request from The Cole Commission of Inquiry not to release further photographic images or video footage.

    ln accordance with its Funding Agreement with the Commonwealth, all search material, including the photographs and video imagery was handed over to the Commonwealth and the West Australian Museum in May 2008.  Under the Funding Agreement, the Finding Sydney Foundation granted the Commonwealth a permanent, free, worldwide, non-exclusive licence to use the material for any Commonwealth purpose.

    The Finding Sydney Foundation is currently winding up its operation, having completed its objectives by locating HMAS Sydney (II) and HSK Kormoran and setting up a Virtual Memorial.

    The Foundation's Board has recently decided that it will gift the rights to the material to the Australian people and assigning Copyright to an appropriate national institution and providing all material to that institution.  Accordingly, the Finding Sydney Foundation is currently having discussions with an appropriate national institution to achieve this goal as soon as practicable and hopefully before the end of 2009.

    Note: Media Release updated from initial release 5th of July 2009, to include video statistics.

    Media Contact:
    Ted Graham
    The Finding Sydney Foundation
    (+)61-8-9261 7749


    Technical Data

    ROV Photographs

    Camera: Kongsberg Maritime OE14-208 & associated flash unit (contains Canon G5 Powershot)
    JPEG Format (5 Megapixel), 2592 pixels (width) x 1944 pixels (height)


    HMAS Sydney (II)

    3rd April 2008             79 Wreck Photographs
    4th April 2008           332 Wreck Photographs
    5th - 6th April 2008    421 Debris Field Photographs
    7th April 2008             43 Wreck Photographs
    7th April 2008           264 Debris Field Photographs

    Total 1,139 Photographs

    Discounted Battle Site (Geological Outcrops)

    6th April 2008             50 Photographs

    Total 50 Photographs

    HSK Kormoran

    7th April 2008           145 Wreck Photographs
    7th April 2008             96 Debris Field Photographs

    Total 241 Photographs

    Total 1,430 ROV Photographs


    ROV Video Footage

    MPEG-2 Format, 704 pixels (width) x 576 pixels (height)

    AWST = Australian Western Standard Time


    HMAS Sydney (II)

    Wreck Footage

    3rd April 2008  15:07:00 to 17:31:25 AWST  Duration  2 hours 24 minutes and 25 seconds,  29 Files
    4th April 2008  08:30:00 to 20:32:00 AWST  Duration 12 hours  2 minutes and  0 seconds, 144 Files
    7th April 2008  22:48:57 to 23:48:24 AWST  Duration   0 hours 59 minutes and 27 seconds,  13 Files

    Total Wreck Footage:  15 hours 25 minutes and 52 seconds, 186 Files

    Debris Field Footage

    5th April 2008  11:17:21 to 17:53:39 AWST  Duration  6 hours 36 minutes and 18 seconds, 79 Files
    5th April 2008  18:46:15 to 00:00:00 AWST  Duration  5 hours 13 minutes and 45 seconds, 63 Files
    6th April 2008  00:00:00 to 04:39:11 AWST  Duration  4 hours 39 minutes and 11 seconds, 56 Files
    7th April 2008  15:42:33 to 22:48:57 AWST  Duration  7 hours   6 minutes and 24 seconds, 85 Files

    Total Time Debris Field Footage: 23 hours 35 minutes and 38 seconds, 283 Files

    Total HMAS Sydney (II) ROV Footage Time: 39 hours 1 minute and 30 seconds, 469 Files

    Discounted Battle Site (Geological Outcrops)

    6th April 2008  10:50:25 to 14:36:20 AWST  Duration  3 hours 45 mins and 55 seconds, 46 Files

    HSK Kormoran

    Wreck Footage

    6th April 2008  20:19:27 to 21:19:39 AWST  Duration    1 hour  0 minutes and 12 seconds, 12 Files
    7th April 2008  00:45:30 to 04:31:14 AWST  Duration  3 hours 45 minutes and 44 seconds, 45 Files

    Total Wreck Footage:  Duration 4 hours 45 minutes and 56 seconds, 57 Files

    Debris Field Footage

    7th April 2008  05:46:30 to 07:26:49 AWST  Duration  1 hour 40 minutes and 19 seconds, 20 Files
    7th April 2008  09:12:10 to 10:42:28 AWST  Duration  1 hour 30 minutes and 18 seconds, 18 Files

    Total Debris Field Footage:  Duration 3 hours 10 minutes and 37 seconds, 38 Files

    Total HSK Kormoran ROV Footage Time: Duration 7 hours 56 minutes and 33 seconds, 95 Files

    Total ROV Footage (HMAS Sydney (II), Discounted Battle Site, HSK Kormoran)
    Duration 50 hours 43 minutes and 58 seconds, 610 Files



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