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April 2008 - Posts

  • ABC Broadcasting HMAS Sydney II Commemorative Service Nationally (21st April 2008)

    The Australian Broadcasting Network (ABC) will be broadcasting the HMAS Sydney II Commemorative Service for the crew of the HMAS Sydney II, on Thursday 24th of April 2008. The service will be on air nationally between 10.59.a.m. and Midday.  During which the The Finding Sydney Foundation has provided permission for the broadcaster to display images taken during the recent search and find of the HMAS Sydney II.

    Don Lange, State Editor, for the ABC (NSW) stated:

    "Thank you for giving permission to use some of the Finding Sydney Foundation's images during this Thursday's live broadcast of the memorial service for the crew of HMAS Sydney. They will considerably enhance the coverage and the ABC appreciates your generosity in allowing us to use them."

    Media Contact:
    Ted Graham
    The Finding Sydney Foundation
    (+)61-8-9261 7749




  • Acknowledgement to Australian and Overseas Researchers (21st April 2008)

    Determination of Location of HSK Kormoran (and HMAS Sydney II)
    HMAS Sydney Search Pty Ltd, as Trustee for The Finding Sydney Foundation utilised the search box determined by the Search Director David Mearns and his research, when searching for the HMAS Sydney II.
    This search box included the location of the secondary target the HSK Kormoran, which provided an excellent datum point for the subsequent locating of the Sydney nearby.
    There have been numerous researchers, academics and related professions such as oceanography and drift analysis, both in Australia and overseas that have worked on the determination of the area of the search box and ultimately the location of both vessels.
    In the late 1990s/early 2000s academics Kim Kirsner and John Dunn of the University of Western Australia specified a location for the HSK Kormoran, this proved to be close to the actual location of the Kormoran when found by the Foundation.
    Their work included a paper provided to the HMAS Sydney Search team in 2003, nominating their location for the HSK Kormoran.  This work, together with that which was done by David Mearns and Peter Hore in the United Kingdom, independently of Kim Kirsner and John Dunn, was crucial to obtaining the Australian government's support for the Foundations search.
    The Finding Sydney Foundation acknowledges the work undertaken by Kim Kirsner and John Dunn of the University of Western Australia and all Australian and Overseas researchers and related disciplines.  Their valuable research contributed to the determination of the position of the HSK Kormoran and subsequently the location of the HMAS Sydney II.
    Media Contact:
    Ted Graham
    The Finding Sydney Foundation
    (+)61-8-9261 7749

  • Media Alert (8th April 2008)


    The Finding Sydney Foundation will hold a media conference in Fremantle following the successful filming of the wrecks of HMAS Sydney II and HSK Kormoran.

    Where:  NWS Shipping Theatre, WA Maritime Museum, Victoria Quay, Fremantle

    When:  12.30 hrs Thursday 10th April 2008


    HMAS Sydney II was tragically lost in November 1941 in the Indian Ocean off Western Australia with its entire crew of 645, following a fierce engagement with the German raider HSK Kormoran.  HSK Kormoran was damaged and consequently scuttled, with 317 of her nearly 400 crew surviving the engagement.

    On Wednesday 12th March, the wreck of HSK Kormoran was located approximately 112 nautical miles off the West Australian coast.  Subsequently on Sunday 16th March the wreck of HMAS Sydney was located some 12.2 nautical miles from the German wreck.  Filming of HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran was successfully completed 8th April and the vessel is currently in transit back to Geraldton to complete demobilisation activities.

    Media Notes

    1. The Directors of The Foundation (Ted Graham, Keith Rowe, Bob Trotter, Don Pridmore and Mrs Glenys McDonald); Commodore Rick Shalders, RAN, Senior Naval Officer WA; Ms Diana Jones, Acting CEO WA Museum; David Mearns Foundation Search Director; Dr Michael McCarthy, Curator Maritime Archaeology, WA Museum; and Lieutenant John Perryman, RANR, will be available for interview after the media conference.

    2. The SV Geosounder is returning to the Port of Geraldton on Wednesday 9th April, following the successful discovery and filming of the HMAS Sydney II and HSK Kormoran.  Filming of this will be completed by WIN TV and made available on a pool basis.  No media interviews will be conducted onboard the vessel or at the quayside upon arrival. 

    Media Contacts: 

    Ted Graham
    The Finding Sydney Foundation
    (+)61-8-9261 7749

    Mr Gary Booth
    Defence Public Affairs (WA)
    +61-418 223 807

    Ms Caroline Lacey
    WA Museum
    +61-417 970 239


  • Media Release from The Hon. Warren Snowdon MP, Minister for Defence Science and Personnel (4th April 2008)

    First Photographs Of the Wreck Of the Sydney

    Media Release from The Hon. Warren Snowdon MP, Minister for Defence Science and Personnel 

    The Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, the Hon. Warren Snowdon today congratulated the Finding Sydney Foundation following the release of the first pictures of HMAS Sydney II.

    “The incredible photos of the underwater wreckage bring home how fierce the battle must have been for the brave men onboard the Sydney,” said Mr Snowdon.

    “Seeing these pictures for the first time will be very emotional for the relatives of the crew of HMAS Sydney II and my thoughts go out to them.”

    “The search team continues to work under difficult conditions, so to capture these revealing pictures with the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is an outstanding achievement.”

    “The wreck-site and resting place of the crew of the Sydney continues to be treated with the respect and dignity it deserves and I can confirm that the ROV has not touched the wreck nor has anything been retrieved from HMAS Sydney II,” said Mr Snowdon.

    Further examination of the wreck of the Sydney, the battle-field site and the Kormoran is expected to continue over the coming days, subject to acceptable weather conditions and operational issues with the ROV.  The search vessel is expected to return to Geraldton later this month.

    “I am also pleased to announce that the Navy has received 536 registrations from relatives of 236 crew members of HMAS Sydney II via the toll free number and web site.”

    Planning continues for a private Navy commemorative service onboard HMAS Anzac over the site of the Sydney and Kormoran on 16 April and the national memorial service on 24 April at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney.

    Media note: Images of the HMAS Sydney II can be found at: Vision of the HMAS Sydney II is expected to be available to Australian media networks later today. Further information on the HMAS Sydney II can be found at: or by phoning 1800 005 867

    Media contacts:

    Kate Sieper (Warren Snowdon):  02 6277 7620 or 0488 484 689

    Defence Media Liaison:  02 6265 3343 or 0408 498 664

    Patrick Flynn (The Finding Sydney Foundation):  0488 555 008


  • Media Alert Chairman's Acknowledgement - First Photographs (3rd April 2008)

    Ted Graham, Chairman of the Finding Sydney Foundation, on behalf of his fellow Directors, Don Pridmore, Glenys McDonald, Keith Rowe and Bob Trotter and on behalf of the whole onshore and offshore team said he was elated to hear of the success in obtaining the first photographic images of HMAS Sydney II.

    “ It’s a very pleasing afternoon, we have been plagued by weather and ROV technical problems for around 10 days – I wish to thank all on board our vessel for their tireless efforts and to all who have been patiently waiting for this to occur – well done all.  I also again acknowledge the ongoing support of the RAN and the Australian Government.”

    “We are working in deep water – around 2600 metres – and its always very difficult to achieve success – it requires a major team effort and the weather to be kind to us. Since our search for HMAS Sydney II started we have experienced two cyclones, a third quite strong low pressure system and very rough seas”. We thought it would be challenging and were proven correct."

    Media Contact:
    Ted Graham
    The Finding Sydney Foundation
    (+)61-8-9261 7749


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