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Search For HMAS Sydney II (19th Nov 2007)

An announcement will take place today at the Western Australian Maritime Museum about how, when and where the first federally funded search for HMAS Sydney II will occur.

Today is the 66th anniversary of the loss of HMAS Sydney II which was sunk during a battle off the Western Australian coast with the German raider Kormoran. Chairman of not-for-profit group HMAS Sydney Search Foundation Director Ted Graham says HMAS Sydney Search intends to search for and locate the wreckage of HMAS Sydney to determine its final location and to bring closure to the families of those lost.

HMAS Sydney Search will utilise the services of David Mearns whose record in locating deepwater wrecks is well known. David will coordinate and manage the offshore search on behalf of HMAS Sydney Search. Tenders are currently being evaluated for the search with an anticipated start date of January or February 2008 subject to finalisation of the tender processes.

The Federal Government has provided a grant of $4.2 million towards the search while the Western Australian Government has contributed $500,000 and the NSW Government $250,000. Many smaller but equally important private donations have also been received.

“An area off the WA coast, encompassing about 1500 square nautical miles in water depths between 2500 and 4500 metres will be searched,” Mr Graham said.“The scale and complexity involved in such a search is significant, however, advances in technology, exhaustive archival research and the recent increase in government funding for the search, provide our best chance yet of success in finding HMAS Sydney II.

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Ted Graham
The Finding Sydney Foundation
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