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Media Alert Chairman's Acknowledgement - First Photographs (3rd April 2008)

Ted Graham, Chairman of the Finding Sydney Foundation, on behalf of his fellow Directors, Don Pridmore, Glenys McDonald, Keith Rowe and Bob Trotter and on behalf of the whole onshore and offshore team said he was elated to hear of the success in obtaining the first photographic images of HMAS Sydney II.

“ It’s a very pleasing afternoon, we have been plagued by weather and ROV technical problems for around 10 days – I wish to thank all on board our vessel for their tireless efforts and to all who have been patiently waiting for this to occur – well done all.  I also again acknowledge the ongoing support of the RAN and the Australian Government.”

“We are working in deep water – around 2600 metres – and its always very difficult to achieve success – it requires a major team effort and the weather to be kind to us. Since our search for HMAS Sydney II started we have experienced two cyclones, a third quite strong low pressure system and very rough seas”. We thought it would be challenging and were proven correct."

Media Contact:
Ted Graham
The Finding Sydney Foundation
(+)61-8-9261 7749



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