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Acknowledgement to Australian and Overseas Researchers (21st April 2008)

Determination of Location of HSK Kormoran (and HMAS Sydney II)
HMAS Sydney Search Pty Ltd, as Trustee for The Finding Sydney Foundation utilised the search box determined by the Search Director David Mearns and his research, when searching for the HMAS Sydney II.
This search box included the location of the secondary target the HSK Kormoran, which provided an excellent datum point for the subsequent locating of the Sydney nearby.
There have been numerous researchers, academics and related professions such as oceanography and drift analysis, both in Australia and overseas that have worked on the determination of the area of the search box and ultimately the location of both vessels.
In the late 1990s/early 2000s academics Kim Kirsner and John Dunn of the University of Western Australia specified a location for the HSK Kormoran, this proved to be close to the actual location of the Kormoran when found by the Foundation.
Their work included a paper provided to the HMAS Sydney Search team in 2003, nominating their location for the HSK Kormoran.  This work, together with that which was done by David Mearns and Peter Hore in the United Kingdom, independently of Kim Kirsner and John Dunn, was crucial to obtaining the Australian government's support for the Foundations search.
The Finding Sydney Foundation acknowledges the work undertaken by Kim Kirsner and John Dunn of the University of Western Australia and all Australian and Overseas researchers and related disciplines.  Their valuable research contributed to the determination of the position of the HSK Kormoran and subsequently the location of the HMAS Sydney II.
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